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Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Enhancements: Unveiling M-Files Latest Innovations

In our ongoing dedication to constant enhancement and ensuring optimal performance of our solution, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest round of product updates.

Feature Enhancements:

1. Simplified Navigation:

Double-clicking a non-document object can be configured to take users to the first option of “Browse Relationships” of the object type. For example, users can double click on a Project object to get to the Documents related to that Project. This built-in view is configurable. The double-click previously popped-up metadata card. That is still available via two options: via “Open in a new window” on the metadata card, or from “Properties” on the context menu.



2. Zero Click Filing: Metadata Card Suppressed:

Some users prefer navigating to a virtual folder and drag-and-dropping their documents. Whenever all mandatory metadata properties are known, M-Files will not pop-up the metadata card, to save time. This capability is only activated for the built-in views for now.

3. Search Always Defaults to View:

You can now configure a specific view (1) or use the Advanced Vault Settings to apply the configuration across an entire vault (2). This configuration, by default, limits quick search results to the current view (3).

Typically, the M-Files Quick Search function searches the entire vault regardless of the view you are in. However, with the configurations mentioned above, you can set it to search only within the current view by default. If needed, users can easily deactivate this restriction by unchecking the corresponding box (3).

4. Save PDF now available in M-Files Web:

It is now possible to create a PDF copy on your computer by right clicking on a document and selecting Save as PDF.


5. Reinstatement of “Send as PDF by Email” sharing option:

Based on popular demand M-Files has reintroduced the “Send as PDF by Email” feature in this month’s update, acknowledging its significance in various use cases.

6. Convert to PDF available in Web:

Converting to PDF file, as an overwrite or a separate file, is now also available in M-Files Web.

7. M-Files Aino Enhancements: Are now available!

The benefits of the new capabilities are the following:

Reach across all your data: Aino can handle complex questions and look for answers from all data in M-Files.

Interact through conversation: Aino assists in refining results or thoroughly processing a topic through ongoing conversation.

Get accurate results: Aino gives users greater confidence over results by allowing you to easily define the scope of the question and showing where the answers were found.

Benefits you can already experience with the current M-Files Aino:

AI-Powered Summaries: M-Files Aino generates concise, intelligent summaries of documents, enabling quicker comprehension and review. Summaries and Q&A interactions can be saved as enriched metadata, improving document searchability and knowledge retrieval.

Language-Independent Queries: Ask questions and receive answers about document content in any language, facilitating global collaboration and understanding.

Streamlined Information Discovery: Rapidly locate essential information with the help of AI, cutting through data clutter and saving valuable time.

8. M-Files Connector for Copilot: Is now available!

The M-Files Connector empowers your organization to enhance productivity and data utilization across platforms. By seamlessly publishing selected information from M-Files, it ensures that we can leverage crucial data while maintaining the strictest security protocols.

Users experience a unified view, accessing only the data they are permitted to see in M-Files, thus preserving confidentiality and compliance.

9. M-Files Web:

Improved Navigation to a Vault:

Navigating between different views in the vault is now more intuitive, thanks to an enhanced navigation path displayed below the top bar. This improvement not only provides users with clearer orientation within the vault but also allocates more space for the navigation path, making it easier to follow.

Make Copy Available:

You can now easily create a copy of any object using the “Make Copy” command. Simply right-click on the desired object to access this command from the context menu.

10. M-Files Desktop & M-Files Web: Copy link to specific object version

The “Copy Link” command now allows you to generate a link to a specific object version in both M-Files Desktop and M-Files Web.

  • In M-Files Desktop, you can create the link via the History dialog.
  • In M-Files Web, it can be done through the object’s Activity view.

11. M-Files Hubshare June Product Update:

This release of M-Files Hubshare comes one important new capability for the metadata edition in Hubshare, additional improvements around the M-Files connected widgets, but also smaller adjustments, options and defect fixes.

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