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M-Files Announces New Desktop User Interface

We excited to share that the M-Files New Desktop User Interface is coming November 22th!

M-Files recognizes the requirement to continuously improving the features and functionalities of their product line. With the release of M-Files Web has brought an opportunity to align all three M-Files interfaces, Web, Mobile and Desktop. The M-Files desktop interface represents a core component of the M-Files user experience. The M-Files new UI offers a superior layout for effortless document management. This includes better information layering, less distraction, and enhanced readability.  Available to all M-Files online customers this release contains all expected and trusted functionality while bringing a modern, simplified, and efficient layout.

This desktop refresh presents four core modifications including the redesign of the main navigation panel, updated pinned items, relocation of the search and creation buttons, and repositioning of the metadata card tabs. M-Files is presenting this refresh as a method to modernize, enhance and improve overall usability across their product platforms. In conjunction with the desktop release, M-Files has also released a new mobile IOS UI and will be releasing a new Android UI in 2023.

Existing customers can access this new UI through M-Files November monthly product update being available to customers deployed in the cloud or on-premises using automatic or manual updates. Resources are available for both end users and administrators. Customers can access this information through their Account Managers or by contacting Indixio Technical Support. Indixio is dedicated to ensuring this transition is as seamless as possible for all customers.



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