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IDX ConsignO Cloud Module: The trusted electronic signature platform integrated into M-Files

Saint-Hubert, September 11th, 2023 – Indixio and Notarius, a Portage CyberTech company, are proud to introduce the IDX ConsignO Cloud module, an advanced electronic signature solution that ensures the security, integrity, and authenticity of documents while providing an intuitive and seamless user experience. The IDX ConsignO Cloud module, developed by Indixio and integrated into M-Files, combines Notarius’ cutting-edge technology with Indixio’s expertise in intelligent information management to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly electronic signature solution.

The IDX ConsignO Cloud module is compatible with major operating systems and devices, allowing users to easily sign documents from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

With M-Files workflow, documents are protected at every stage of their lifecycle, from creation to archiving, thus ensuring the security and traceability of information at all times.

 ” We are extremely proud of our partnership with Indixio, the #1 M-Files reseller in Canada. This collaboration ensures that anyone using M-Files and seeking a trusted electronic signature solution will be able to benefit from a high-performing and highly reliable solution, compliant with the industry’s strictest standards. At Notarius and Portage CyberTech, we are thrilled to offer our customers an exceptional experience thanks to this Quebec collaboration. “, says Mélanie Carrière, Digital Transformation Advisor.

” This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our mission to make information more accessible,” stated Mr. Danick Venne, CEO. “By combining our expertise in document management, we are offering a comprehensive and powerful solution that will meet our clients’ growing needs in electronic signature management. IDX ConsignO Cloud provides unparalleled customization for creating and managing signature projects, managing address books, establishing signature orders, and even defining signature zones. “

The IDX ConsignO Cloud module is ready to be adopted by all businesses and organizations that are keen on having a trusted electronic signature platform integrated with M-Files, the best document management solution on the market.

To learn more and discover how the IDX ConsignO Cloud module can meet your electronic signature needs, please contact us.

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About Indixio

Founded in 2000, Indixio (formerly Geomap) specializes in intelligent information management solutions by integrating the innovative concepts of enterprise content management and geospatial data management. Our mission is to simplify the work of organizations by making information more accessible than ever. Indixio is recognized for its exceptional customer service and unparalleled technical support across Canada and the United States. Our specialized expertise and advanced technological solutions empower public and private institutions to achieve successful information management in industries like geospatial and enterprise content management for: Municipalities and Government, Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Education, Transportation and Utilities, Real Estate and Facilities Management, and Natural Resources and Energy.

About ConsignO Cloud

ConsignO Cloud is a web-based electronic signature platform with advanced legal reliability. Organizations, municipalities, and governments use the platform to make their signing process completely digital, regardless of whether the signer is a member of a professional association, a CEO, an employee, or a client, partner, or citizen. No installation or membership is required for signers. It’s easy, fast, and free!

About Notarius, a Portage CyberTech company

As an enabler of digital trust, Notarius offers secured digital signatures, trusted electronic signatures and reliable signature tools throughout North America. Notarius’ solutions give electronic documents a higher level of legal reliability than a hand-signed paper document.  Notarius collaborates with more than 50 professional associations in Canada and serves more than 4,000 companies, universities, and municipalities. The company manages more than 50,000 digital identities.

About Portage CyberTech

Portage CyberTech connects people to organizations through trusted technological solutions. Its configurable online service platform allows governments and regulated industries to accelerate their digital transformation efforts in a secure environment and enables them to better serve their clients and citizens. Thousands of organizations and government agencies in North America use its solutions to serve millions of people and contribute to the Digital Trust Network (DTN), a high-standard technology community with a shared mission of responsible acceleration and the protection of the public.

For inquiries:

Emilie Jodoin
Communication and Digital Media Manager
Indixio (formerly Geomap)
(450) 461-1158, ext. 260

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