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It’s out with the old and in with the new as Geomap becomes Indixio

Saint-Hubert, December 15th, 2020. – In recognition of their growing success over the past 20 years, GeoMap is changing its name to Indixio. The company is changing its name and brand image to better reflect its new reality and focus on what it does best: providing organizations with Intelligent Information Management (IIM) solutions through the use of M-Files and geospatial solutions.

“In the early days, GeoMap specialized solely in geomatics. Over time, we diversified our service offering and now provide comprehensive information management solutions. On top of specializing in GIS solutions, we became experts in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), as well as physical and digital Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Records Management (RM).

Our new identity emphasizes our passion for helping organizations and their employees find the information that they need, faster. We have been working on strategically rebranding our business with Bang Marketing over the past few months. We are excited because it really solidifies our identity and sets the tone for our future,” explains Danick Venne, President of Indixio.

New name, same outstanding customer service

The name Indixio is a combination of the Latin words indicium, meaning “information” and scio, which refers to “understanding, knowing or having knowledge.” The three syllables “in + di + xio” have a certain ring to them that capture our positive team spirit and enthusiasm. The “o” at the end rounds out the name and is a nod to the approachable nature of our team. Visually, the three “i’s” create a satisfying symmetry that is pleasing to look at. The colour blue instills a sense of trust in our effective and easy-to-use technological solutions. The four dots that gradually turn orange make the Indixio logo stand out from the competition and highlight the fact that over time, efficiently managing and effectively using information leads to an increase in productivity. Lastly, the name Indixio is unique, short and easy to pronounce for both English and French speakers making it easy to remember in North America.

“It was important to us that we settled on a catchy name that really represented who we are. We wanted a meaningful name that emphasized our passion for helping our customers understand, access and familiarize themselves with their information. However, changing our name and visual identity does not change the fact that customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We are continually striving to provide an unmatched customer service experience,” stresses Danick Venne, President of Indixio.

About Indixio

Indixio helps medium and large organizations organize their information and streamline their access to it by providing expertly-crafted information management solutions. We help our customers sort through their chaos of information by using our specialized expertise to create advanced technological solutions. We have demonstrated time and again that we have what it takes—just ask our trusted peers and partners.


Danick Venne
Indixio (formerly Geomap)
(450) 461-1158, ext. 222

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