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Municipal Assessment Roll

Distribute your property assessment roll in accordance with provincial standards (MEFQ).

Easily publish your assessment roll

Efficiently carry out your obligations for the distribution of the property assessment roll, cadaster, and graphic matrix.

Standardized forms and maps

The graphic matrix and the assessment roll form are integrated into your application in a format that complies with the standard of the “Manuel d’Évaluation Foncière du Québec” (MEFQ).

Sigim Web updates keep pace with changes in this standard, ensuring that you continuously meet it with minimal effort.

Limited management load

From reception to distribution, SIGim Web’s tools are designed to facilitate the handling of cadastral and assessment roll data in accordance with the standards of the “Manuel d’Évaluation Foncière du Québec” (MEFQ).

This will allow you to process your data more quickly using standardized workflows.

Single access point

Thanks to a fine permissions management, SIGim Web allows you to distribute the property assessment roll and cadaster to all through a single web portal.

Whether it is the public or professionals, everyone can simply and autonomously access the data that is available to them without monopolizing your resources.


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