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Operate your transportation and utility networks more efficiently with GIS and intelligent information management

By combining intelligent information management with our geospatial solutions, that support dynamic segmentation and linear referencing, you will improve the management of your transportation and utility networks.

A team of experts to help you meet the challenges faced by your organization

We provide geospatial (GIS) and intelligent enterprise content management (ECM) tools to manage business workflows as well as optimize and improve data and information search, creation, management, visualization, publishing and sharing.

Our technologies


M-Files is a unique intelligent information management solution that improves how organizations find, secure, process and manage content be it documents, images, or other information.


GoMap is a web mapping platform to publish geospatial data. Based on MapGuide OpenSource and FDO, whichever GIS platform your organization uses (ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk or other), GoMap is the ideal solution to publish your data.

Geomap GIS

Geomap GIS is a powerful framework with industry specific functionality that leverages technologies such as ArcGIS,  AutoCAD Map 3, Civil 3D and MapGuide to design, manage and maintain assets and infrastructure networks.

The Indixio difference

We offer tools and solutions developed specifically to manage transportation networks and utilities.

Our GIS solutions support ESRI and Autodesk platforms ensuring that you will be able to work with the tools you know best.

We have over 20 years of experience in information management and geomatics.

With hundreds of successfully completed projects, we are experts in our field, and can help you manage the enterprise content of your organization.

We are an M-Files Premier reseller and Authorized service partner. Our team of certified professionals will guarantee your project’s success.

Optimize the management of your transportation and utility networks

Network topology

Geomap GIS allows you to manage the network topology enabling you to manage the information related to your linear networks such as roads, waterpipes, sewerpipes, railways, pipelines and others, and to ensure their consistency and integrity.

The SIGim Suite is comprised of several modules and integrates directly with municipal management and engineering applications.

Linear referencing and dynamic segmentation

Geomap GIS offers linear network management tools that will allow you to position your assets according to their location relative to your network. Any modification to the basic network will automatically update the assets that are attached to it.

Advanced search and analysis tools

Research and analysis tools will help you find the information you need and analyze it through thematic views, network analysis and more, to extract the maximum value out of your data and support your every day operations.

Schematic views

Sometimes a map or tabular view is not the best way to visualize your information. With Geomap GIS schematic views you will be able to better visualize and analyze your data giving you all the information you need for efficient decision-making.

Customizable forms

Customize your forms to ensure captured data integrity and consistency in addition to making your information easier to view for all of your users.

Document and content management

With the ease of use of M-Files and artificial intelligence, efficiently store, manage and find your documents and content at anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. Optimize and automate your business processes and never again waste time searching for the information you need.

Let our experts guide you

Having completed several successful projects for organizations just like yours, we have honed our expertise in creating effective and comprehensive information management and geospatial systems for transportation and utility networks.

We use our proven methodology to walk you through implementing efficient and intuitive technological solutions that your employees will be excited to get behind.

They put their trust in us

We thrive on carrying out projects that have helped thousands of employees work smarter by giving them access to the information resources that they need within your company.

Our commitment to your success

e are committed to making your project a success by streamlining your process and saving you valuable time. We work hard to get your information at your fingertips.

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