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GoMap, web mapping platform to publish and edit your geospatial data

Based on MapGuide OpenSource and FDO technologies, whichever GIS platform you use (ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk or other), GoMap is the ideal solution to view, publish and edit your georeferenced data and attribute information in a secure and interactive way through the desktop or mobile user interface.

The benefits of GoMap


Ease of use

GoMap offers powerful and user-friendly interfaces composed of tools to navigate interactive maps, analyze information and visualize geospatial data.

Your users will be able to view, create and update your data, change the display styles of interactive maps and more.

Mobile client

A mobile web interface that enables you to access your maps from anywhere and on any device.

Your field workers will be able to pinpoint their location, upload photos, query your databases remotely, collect and update data thus optimizing field work, assets management and corporate workflows.

Searches, queries and geocoding

Easily find the relevant information you need with GoMap’s searching, querying and geocoding tools.

Powerful querying tools allow advanced searches by combining databases information with georeferenced graphical data.

Analysis and reporting

Analyze your information in its geospatial context to identify trends, improve decision-making and prioritize your efforts.

Whether it is to identify infrastructure in need of repair, prioritize interventions or identify the most efficient sites, the analysis tools will allow you to extract the maximum amount of information from your data.

Data editing and management

More than just a map visualization platform, GoMap allows you to create new features and modify existing geometries with powerful graphics editing tools.

You can also modify attribute data through customizable information forms.

Share your data

Export your data in KML, ESRI SHP, Excel and other GIS file formats. Share sessions, maps and annotations between users. Print maps and export images.

GoMap allows you to share your data inside and outside your organization to maximize the reach of your information.

Security and modules management

Manage access to maps available on the server, information layers and attribute data with the web administration console.

No need to create several maps for different user groups, just configure the access according to what your users have the right to view and modify.

They put their trust in us

Do like they did, build and publish interactive maps and powerful web mapping applications so that your users can leverage intuitive analysis tools to unleash location-based intelligent information management with GoMap.

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