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Besoin d’en apprendre plus?

Our promise: We simplify your work.

Nous offrons des formations personnalisées pour tous les produits et solutions que nous offrons tel que M-Files, Geomap GIS, GoMap, SIGim et autres.

Vous voulez perfectionner vos connaissances? Contactez notre équipe et il nous fera plaisir de vous aider!

Our mission

Make information more accessible.

Our values


Strive for success.

We truly believe that we can make a difference by rendering information more accessible than ever before. We are honoured to contribute to the success of your organization.



Never give up.

We never back down from a challenge and are determined to succeed where so many others have failed. We are committed to giving you our all.



Teamwork makes the dream work.

Where would we be without you? We love working together with our customers and aren’t afraid of making personal connections!



Take pride in a job well done.

Our tried and true work methodology combined with our technological know-how, allow us to carry out projects that provide you with lasting benefits.


A strong culture, a spirit of camaraderie

Every day, our passionate team leverages our tools at the leading edge of technology to carry out exciting projects in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

At Indixio you will discover a stimulating work climate, a great team spirit and an openness to new ideas which will ensure your professional and personal development.

Our partners

Notre engagement pour votre réussite

Nous nous efforçons de réaliser des projets qui ont aidé des milliers d’employés à travailler plus intelligemment en leur donnant accès aux ressources d’information dont ils ont besoin au sein de votre organisation.
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