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Electronic Document and Records Management System

Implementing an EDRMS ensures regulatory compliance, minimizes organizational risk, and fosters efficiency by managing both electronic documents and physical records. Recognized by various terms such as electronic records management, document lifecycle management, and information governance, these concepts underscore the importance of structuring, classifying, and ensuring compliance for documents as vital organizational assets.

Why Records Management?

Organizations implement records management solutions to ensure systematic organization, retrieval, and retention of information. A document management system is essential for ensuring compliance through organized information handling. It supports adherence to regulatory requirements, legal mandates, and data protection standards, safeguarding valuable information. Effectively managing records throughout their lifecycle allows businesses to streamline processes and support informed decision-making.

M-Files with IDX RM allows organizations to be compliant with many different standards:

Local Government Standards

Provinces across Canada have different standards that municipalities need to be compliant with. Configure your retention rules to be compliant with:

  • LGMA in British Columbia
  • TOMRMS in Ontario
  • BANQ in Quebec
  • Other municipal / Government acts


Effective records management practices play a key role in maintaining this compliance. Our compliance is ensured by keeping data in Canada, aligning with:

  • FOIPP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy)
  • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) regulations
  • Québec’s Law 25

General Legislative Compliance​

We assist in meeting diverse legal and tax requirements, internally and externally mandated.

Internal Requirements​

Organizations may have developed retention and classification schedules or taxonomy schemes that need to be followed. M-Files with IDX RM can support these structures.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Records and information managers along with archivists across various industries are subject to compliance requirements that ensure the proper handling, retention, and disposal of records. The specific regulations may vary depending on the industry, but there are common themes that underscore the importance of effective records management. Well-maintained records facilitate transparency during audits and investigations, mitigating risks and enhancing an organization’s ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Legal Integrity and Risk Mitigation

In addition to compliance, employing an effective document management system can support information governance standards which will assist with organizational risk mitigation. M-Files with the Indixio Records Management Module allows organizations to ensure application of legal holds, timely disposal of records, and appropriate disposition reporting.

Why IDX RM with M-Files?

At Indixio we recognize the value of information and the importance it has for an organization that is why our mission is to make information more accessible. IDX RM is a solution developed by Indixio specifically to meet the needs of our customers using      M-Files to complete their information governance lifecycle. IDX RM allows organizations to manage all information including transitory documents, official records, and vital information.

M-Files connects to external repositories like network drives and SharePoint to provide efficient records management for the entire organization. 

Benefits of IDX RM with M-Files

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Complete Lifecycle Management

IDX RM provides an all-in-one solution that allows organizations to manage information throughout its lifecycle from creation through to disposition. This EDRMS presents a 360-degree view for system users of all corporate information regardless of document status. There is no need to transition records into another repository, keep all your information together to help you make informed decisions.

Managing Documents Regardless of Format

Our document management system seamlessly manages both physical records inventories and electronic documents, providing a unified approach for organizations in handling large inventories regardless of the format.

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Maintain Retention Rules

Create and manage your retention rules within M-Files. IDX RM allows you to configure and customize how the retention period is defined including if event dates are used or if retention is based on the year end, number of years/weeks/days retained and other calculation details for each categorization of record within the system as defined by the administrator.

Automate Retention Rule Association​

Ensure every document is retained with the appropriate retention rule by automating the association of retention rules to your records. With Indixio Records Management module you can be assured that retention rules are being applied without having end user interaction.
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Automatic Retention Period Calculation

IDX RM will automatically calculate the retention period for each document based on the defined retention rules which have been applied. This calculation provides visibility as to the status of the documents retained within the system without user input.

Maintain Legal Holds​

Safeguarding records through legal holds ensures that documents are kept for the necessary duration as per business requirements. Legal holds will update a records status until such a time that the hold is complete, and the document is then reintroduced into its retention cycle.
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Complete Disposition Process​

IDX RM streamlines the processing of document dispositions, overseeing the continuous management of each document’s lifecycle. With meticulous attention to compliance and efficiency, IDX RM ensures that documents follow a systematic path, whether it be archiving, deletion, or destruction in accordance with preset rules and policies. IDX RM also provides comprehensive insights and long-term preservation through detailed disposition reports.

Views & Dashboards​

Views can be created to provide visibility for administrators of IDX RM into various aspects of their records retention system including retention status of documents, upcoming dispositions, legal holds, usage of retention rules and more. These dashboards can enhance insight and accountability for the organization empowering management to make more informed decisions.
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Want more information?

Learn more on our M-Files module for the management of electronic documents and physical records inventory.


Indixio’s Expertise

At Indixio we have deployed M-Files as an EDRMS numerous times and have extensive experience meeting organizational and compliance requirements. Our approach draws from in-depth knowledge, inspired by internal discussions and learning sessions. We highlight the nuances between managing documents and overseeing the complete lifecycle of critical records.

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